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About Find-A-Book

Find-A-Book endeavours to make it easier for people to find the titles/authors and other information from descriptions of books.

Find-A-Book does not hide plot points from you in any way. Read summaries at your own risk. It is not intended as a place for you to find books that you'd like to read (though it is possible to use the wiki in this way), but more a place for people who have read the books to rediscover them.

Getting Started

Feel free to browse for books using the search box in the top right hand corner. Or, check out the entire list of books.

If you've read the book, feel free to add to or edit the description by clicking "edit" toward the bottom of the book's page.

Want to add to our collection?

It's easy to add a book if you follow the following simple steps (And perhaps one day that process will be even easier!):

  1. Type your book's title into the add new page gadget below.
  2. Click: Add Book.
  3. Type the book's author into the main empty text box that appears, then on the next line type ====, and make sure that the next key you hit is the Enter/Return key.
  4. Type in the book's isbn, followed by the same sequence of ====s.
  5. Type in the book's genre, again followed by four ====s.
  6. Type in a short summary of the book (no longer than three sentences), followed by four =====s.
  7. Type in as long a description of the book as you like. Fill it with plot spoilers, the more ridiculously detailed the better. People often remember only obscure parts of books, and we want it to be easy for them to find these books in this site.

Add a new book

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