king of jordan





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Plot Summary

A king that is selected by chopping of the head of the last king and throwing the head into a crowd. In this story an unfortunate traveler catches a flying object coming at him in the street and becomes king. He spends his four year reign mastering techniques and planning to avoid his behedding, which he does successfully and goes on the run.


I believe the main character's name is Jordan


Detailed Summary

As stated this young man accidently becomes king when he catches a ball like object flying at him out of a crowd in the street that turns out to be the last king. Thus he becomes the new king for the next four years, which he spends bringing in theives, acrobats, magicians and the like to learn their trade well enough to avoid a similar fate. He befriends an old man, a magician I believe, who helps him train and ultimately avoid his execution. The two friends then travel the country together, which I don't remember much of, but I remember being totally entranced by the entire book.


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