Sense and Sensibility


Jane Austen




Adult Classic Romance

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Plot Summary

Upon the death of their father, the Dashwood sisters and their mother must learn to cope with a significantly smaller income.


Elinor, Marianne, Margaret, Henry, John, and Fanny Dashwood. Edward Ferrars, Colonel Brandon, John Willoughby. Sir John and Lady Middleton, Lucy Steele. Robert Ferrars.


Early 19th Century (Regency) England

Detailed Summary

Old Mr Dashwood dies and leaves his estate to Henry Dashwood, entailing it in such a way that makes it impossible for the Mrs Henry Dashwood and her three daughters Elinor, Marianne and Margaret with anything. After Henry Dashwood's death, his son John, despite making a promise to his father, and on the advice of his wife Fanny refuses to do anything more for his step-mother and sisters.

Fanny and John move into Norland with Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters, and for a time, coexist. Fanny's brother Edward soon comes to visit them, and forms an attachment to Elinor. Seeing (and disapproving of) this, Fanny makes it known to Mrs. Dashwood that she expects more from Edward, Mrs. Dashwood immediately spirits her daughters away to the next available residence: Barton Cottage, a small place owned by Sir John Middleton, one of Mrs. Dashwood's cousins.

While at Barton Cottage, the Dashwoods are introduced to Colonel Brandon, who immediately takes an interest in Marianne, one that she decides not to take seriously.


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