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Please only post your questions in the forum AFTER you've tried the search box at the top of the page. If the site monkeys can find it for you, there's no reason to bother a fellow booklover.

When naming your thread, please don't use titles like "Help me" or "Looking for a book". These are not very helpful, and this category would be full of them. Instead, try using a genre and couple of your keywords. For example: "Kid's book- girl eats eggplant and gets hiccups"

Of course, the whole problem is that we don't know the title, so it's difficult to be succinct in the thread title, but please try. You have a summary and then your forum post's content in which to try to explain yourself, and to write down every random little tid bit of the book that you remember.

Lastly, please be patient. Don't post your question multiple times, or 'bump' it to the top every five minutes. Every request will be considered eventually. Spamming will not be tolerated!

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